Nowell celebrates 100 years

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

Love was in the air when approximately 100 friends and family members gathered together on Saturday, Feb. 17, at the Oak St. Recreation Center in DeQuincy to honor centenarian Irene Novel, a native of the Singer/DeQuincy area on the occassion of her 100th birthday.

Many of the attendees wore custom imprinted shirts with “Fabulous Favorite” indicating Irene was their fave, along with “Tutus and Tiaras” creating a whimsical, fun atmosphere.

Irene had a visit from Mayor Riley Smith who presented her with a city of DeQuincy proclamation, proclaiming Feb. 17, 2024, “Irene Nowell Day.” He also gave her a beautiful floral bouquet. KPLC, Channel 7 appeared on the scene and featured her on the local news, as well as DeQuincy News sent their photographer, Doug Deviney, to capture the special moments on camera for her. (see them all on News’ Facebook page photo gallery.)

She had a cake beautifully decorated and adorned with 100 candles and she was showered with 100 roses for the special event.

A poster was displayed siting “Back in 1924” the year Irene was born, notable facts some of which were:
President Calvin Coolidge was president.

In the News: Macy’s 1st Thanksgiving parade was held in New York as well as IBM was started.

A new house cost $7,720, a new car was $265, a postage stamp was 2 cents and a gallon of gas was 11 cents.

Popular music was George Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” and “King Porter Stomp” by Jelly Roll Martin.
Celebrity births included George H. N. Bush, Truman Capote and Lauren Bacall.

Popular movies were “Peter Pan”, “Sherlock, Jr.” and “The Theif of Bagdad.”

Popular names were John, Mary, James, Betty, Charles and Margaret.

The U.S. population was 114.1 million.

DeViney asked Irene what she attributed her longivity and she replied “Faith in God.”

Irene, now lives with her daughter Tawanna in Houston. She loves reading novels and playing cards. She has four daughters, 11 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Happy 100th Birthday Irene!