DOTD working on Highway 27

A pot hole on Hwy. 27 South has given many concerns as it keeps growing in size from the tremendous amount of dump trucks traveling through DeQuincy after the trucks take loads to an LNG pipeline construction site near Starks.

In last week’s Police Beat, DeQuincy Police forwarned citizens to be vigilant in not being distracted while driving on roads in our city. There has already been a wreck involving a dump truck and another vehicle, no injuries so far. The thing to know is you are not going to win with a dump truck.

DeQuincy News has talked to State Representative Dewith Carrier and given him the mile post location. Rep. Carrier said he will take action on this matter. This particular hazard in the road happens to be at the juncture of where Hwy. 27 South goes from two lane to one lane heading south and is located in the break of a curve.

Unaware drivers may incur front end alignment damage. Especially in the case of a very small car or motorcycle, it could be castrophic.

Be aware.