Treme honored at City Council meeting

By Evalin Hester

Mayor Riley Smith acknowledged Sandy Treme with a plaque, during the Monday, Aug. 14, Council Meeting. Mayor Smith told of Treme’s 28 years of service, and her help with the city. She was the first woman president of the DeQuincy Chamber, she was installed in January, 1978. She was elected to the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury in 1992 and served until her retirement in 2019. A Ward 6 police juror had not been re-elected to a second term for 50 years before she took office. She served as the Police Jury’s Vice-President and became Calcasieu’s first woman Police Jury President, and in 2009 she was President of the Louisiana Police Jury Association for the state of Louisiana. Due to her involvement locally, state wide and her federal relationships with the congressional delegation, she was able to make important contacts at every level of government. This allowed her access to help her constituents with problems, even if it was not related to her official capacity . She is responsible for procuring millions of dollars for DeQuincy and the surrounding towns. During her reign she helped with Recreation, Ward Six Fire, Buxton Creek drainage, paving all roads in DeQuincy and surrounding areas. She and DeQuincy partnered together on hundreds of projects. Thousands of people from Governors on down associate DeQuincy as that small town where “Sandy” is from. Treme answers to many titles: realtor, police juror, the trash lady, the ditch lady, but her most cherished titles are Wife, Mamma and Mamou.

City Reports

Mayor Riley Smith

On Saturday, July 15, the Mobile Food Truck was a great success, they will be back but it will be after summer. The painting of the museum will start in a few days.

Hayes Street project will get underway shortly. Six police cars have been purchased and they are being equipped at this time. DOTD has been contacted concerning all the dump trucks coming through town hauling dirt. They will check into it and see what can be done. Tuesday, Oct. 31, the city will celebrate the Fall Fest/National Night Out.

Not on Agenda

Billy Clifton, talked of the church located in his neighborhood, that has been abandoned and is falling down. He asked if the city could do something concerning this structure. The city is already looking into it.

Elizabeth “Sissy” and Marshall Carson introduced a program called, The Anchor Discipleship. Their Mission is to provide a clean, safe and loving environment for each student. Provide the support and structure necessary for student to work and maintain a productive and spiritual lifestyle. Help each student connect and thrive in a community living environment. Teach basic life skills and prepare each student to maintain life as a thriving member of society. Their goal is to help each student learn to pickup their mat and walk. For more information you may contact them at 337-317-6502, 337-884-0691; or go to

Several locations were discussed that has been on the list to be cleaned up inside the city: 506 Beech St., gave Adam Perkins permission to live in a travel trailer on his property while the home on the property is being torn down. The council gave him six months.

120 Maple St. was given three months to tear the property down.

609 E. Center St., the city will move on to the next step of the condemnation process.

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