Qualifying results

Qualifying for the Oct. 14th Gubernatorial Primary Election ended on Thursday, Aug. 10. The following information was gathered from the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website. Those qualifying who were unopposed were declared the winner. They are:


Michael G. “Mike” Strain (R), Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry; Mike Reese (R), State Senator 30th Senatorial District; Dewith Carrier (R), State Representative 32nd Representative District; “Les” Farnun (R), State Representative 33rd Representative District; Brett German (R), State Representative 35th Representative District; Ryan Bourriaque (R), State Representative 47th Representative District.


Brian S. Lestage (R), Clerk of Court; Brent Rutherford (R), Clerk of Court; Flynn A. Taylor (R), Coroner.


Lynn Jones (NP), Clerk of Court; Wendy Aguillard (I), Assessor; Terry Welke (NP), Coroner; Roger Marcantel (R), Police Juror District 11.

Those qualifying seeking election are:


Governor – Benjamin Barnes (I), Patrick Henry “Dat” Barthel (R), Daniel M. “Danny” Cole (D), Oscar “Omar” Dantzler Jr. (D), Xavier Ellis (R), “Keitron” Gagnon (NP), Sharon W. Hewitt (R), Jeremy Istre (I), “Xan” John (R), “Jeff” Landry (R), Hunter Lundy (I), Richard Nelson (R), John Schroder (R), Frank Scurlock (I), Stephen “Wags” Waguespack (R) and Shawn D. Wilson (D).

Lt. Governor – Elbert Guillory (R), “Tami” Hotard (R), Wille Jones (D), William “Billy” Nungessor (R), Bruce Payton (I), Chester Pritchett (NP), and Gary Rispone (NP).

Secretary of State – “Gwen” Collins Greenup (D), “Mike” Francis (R), Amanda “Smith” Jennings (O), Thomas J. Kennedy III (R), Nancy Landry (R), Arthur A. Morrell (D), Clay Schexnayder (R), and Brandon Trosclair (R).

Attorney General – Lindsey Cheek (D), “Marty” Maley (R), “Liz” Baker Murrill (R), John Stefanski (R), and Perry Walker Terrebonne (D).

Treasurer – John Fleming (R), Dustin Granger (D), and Scott McKnight (R).

Commission of Insurance – “Tim” Temple (R) and R. D. “Rich” Weaver (D).

BESE District 7 – Cathy S. Banks (R), Kevin M. Bergen (R), and Erick Knezek (R).

State Senator 25th Senatorial District – Mark Abraham (R) and Joshua “Josh” Lewis (D).


Sheriff – Mark Herford (R) and “Don Nichols (R).

Police Juror District 1 – Ricky Conner (NP), “Luke” Dickerson (R), and “Wayne” Reeves (R)

Chief of Police Town of Merryville – Cindy Brister (NP) and Fred Walker (D)


District Judge 14th Judicial District Court, ES 1, Div. F – Sa’Tricia. Williams Bensaadat (D) and Bobby Holmes (D).

District Judge 14th Judicial District Court, ES 2, Div. C – William J. “Bill” Cutrera (R), Brad Guillory (R) and Mark Judson (R).

Sheriff – Dustan Abshire (R), “Les Blanchard (R), Elizabeth Gray Carrier (D), “Stitch” Guillory (NP), Bradley Moss (I), and “Mike” Reid (R).