Sale Barn, a faded memory

By Vance Perkins

As I passed by the DeQuincy Sale Barn’s location the other day and saw the demolition taking place, I thought I would share A Little Bit of History.

The following information is from the archives of The DeQuincy News.

In 1954, local folks saw a need for a livestock auction in DeQuincy. A stock company was formed. Some of the local entrepreneurs involved were Luther Baggett, D. J. McFatter, Nat Penton, B. H. Hodges, Tommy Hyatt, Louis Cruikshank, Rev. H. L. Bennett and James Kent. The barn opened in June of 1955 and was managed by the W.H. Hodges Company.

It was purchased by James (Jim) Miller in December of 1962. The Miller family moved to DeQuincy and became active citizens of the community. Many memories were made at the sale barn. Untold numbers of cattle, horses and other livestock were bought and sold. Families spent Saturday mornings watching the auctions. Eating popcorn, peanuts and other delicious foods from the cafe made for an exciting day. Listening to the rapid-fire melodious tones of the auctioneers was a wonderful experience. I remember attending with my Pa Buster and my dad.

Sales of junk (treasures) and small animals became part of the sale barn culture and also rodeos were held in a field beside the barn. The Sale Barn was a cool place to hang out.

After the death of Mr. Jim, changing situations in the buying and selling of livestock and the temporary closing of the barn led to the Millers selling the business. Changes in the industry along with the disruption caused by Covid and damages caused by hurricanes ushered in the closing of the barn by new owners.

It is sad to see this iconic building being torn down but we have many memories to look back on. Many thanks to the Miller family for being such a vibrant part of DeQuincy culture for so many years.