Know your police officer: Sergeant Jeromy Brady

By Jerry Bell, Public Affairs DQPD

Our DeQuincy officer spotlighted for May is Sergeant Jeromy Brady. Sergeant Brady is perhaps our most experienced and trained officer that is on patrol. Sergeant Brady comes from a police family. His father was a Deputy Sheriff, His son works for the DeQuincy Police Department and his brother is a professional police office in Florida.

Sergeant Brady had around 20 years as a police officer having served many years as a Deputy Sheriff for Calcasieu Parish and as a DeQuincy Police Officer. Sergeant Brady is also trained as a corrections officer and is a graduate of the Calcasieu Regional Law Enforcement Training Academy. Sergeant Brady is a well-qualified patrol supervisor and was a Field training Officer (FTO) training other officers how to survive on patrol.

In November 2009, Sergeant Brady was trained as a D.A.R.E. Instructor and from 2010-14, he was the D.A.R.E. Instructor for all the DeQuincy schools. There is no way to quantify just how many of our DeQuincy children were influenced by his instruction and stayed away from drugs.

In 2010 Sergeant Brady was a member of the DQPD Crisis Intervention Team and was the lead instructor in the Active Shooter Team training. He was responsible for training our officers in Terrorism Response Tactics, which is very important for the safety of our children.

Like many Police Officers have done in the past, in November 2015, Sergeant Brady took a break from police work and went to work as a safety supervisor at an LNG facility. In July 2020, Sergeant Brady returned to the DQPD as a patrol corporal. Police work is Sergeant Brady’s first love, and like many officers, they try another vocation but eventually they return to being an officer. It is a calling.

With Sergeant Brady’s experience, and when he is on duty, our detectives know that he can handle up on every situation and they are seldom called out. Sergeant Brady knows how to process a crime scene. Chief Roy Williams and Major Jerry Bell both have stated many times that if they needed an officer at their residence, they would feel safe with Corporal Brady arriving on the scene.

Lastly, Corporal Brady is a man of few words, highly experienced, and is proud to serve as an American Police officer dedicated to keeping DeQuincy safe. Police officers do not make much money, they work long hours and are often in harm’s way.

The Brady family is truly a police family and Americans should be proud of their service to our citizens. Our officers are recognized so that our citizens will know them when they encounter each other. We live in a safe city and Sergeant Jeromy Brady is one of the reasons why.