DeQuincy Library grand opening held

By Jeffra Wise DeViney

Calcasieu Parish Library DeQuincy Branch held their official Grand Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, Apr. 18, with members of Chamber SWLA, DeQuincy Chamber of Commerce, parish and city officials, staff and members of the public on hand.

Marjorie Harrison, Library Director, addressed the large crowd and welcomed everyone. She explained that the results of this new library came from imput from the community.

The new facility includes: A community meeting space; Quiet study rooms; Designated Teen and Children’s spaces; More restrooms; A creative space; Room for more library materials; and Drive-thru library service.

Police Juror Roger Marcantel spoke and explained that there were 16,000 books available inside. He gave comments on what a wonderful asset it is to have this new facility and thanked all those involved.

Library hours are 9 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Go check out all the new wonderful things we have at this facility; explore the world through our public library!