2023 Railroad Fest Children’s Event winners

Children’s events were held on Saturday, Apr. 8, during the 40th Louisiana Railroad Days Festival. There were 74 participants for the Pre-K through 5th grade division and 27 in the middle school division.

Winners are told here by event and age group:

Pre-K – Kindergarten Hula Hoop: Winner – Lyla Morel

1st-3rd Grade Hula Hoop: 1st – Oakley Perkins, 2nd – Clay Chaisson, 3rd – Colt Lewis

1st-3rd Grade Egg Toss: 1st – Bennett Burch and Karter Denton, 2nd – Clay Chaisson and Colt Lewis, 3rd – Chloe Shultz and Katherine Roebuck

1st-3rd Grade Egg Relay: 1st – Easton Credeur, 2nd – Oakley Perkins, 3rd – Colt Lewis

4th-5th Grade Egg Toss: 1st – Madi Brown and Piper Grove, 2nd – Cadynce Lewis and Allie Tugwell

4th-5th Egg Relay: 1st – Allie Tugwell, 2nd – Lilly Vanwinkle, 3rd – Cadynce Lewis

4th-5th Hula Hoop: 1st – Kamdyn Vacker, 2nd – Madi Brown, 3rd – Piper Grove

Middle School Scavenger Hunt: 1st – Haley Conner, Mollee Burch, Sam Koonce; 2nd – Emma Lyons, Sandra Dietz, Olivia Oden; 3rd – Stella Guerroro, Camri Clark, Brentyn Craft