City Council meets March 13

By Evalin Hester

The regular monthly council meeting was called to order by Eddy Dahlquist, President of the Council, on Monday, Mar. 13, with Mayor Riley Smith leading the invocation and Scott Wylie leading the pledge. Roll Call was conducted by Sherri Breaux.

The Council approved the Feb. 13, regular meeting minutes and the agenda for Mar. 13, meeting.

Condemnation hearing on 1001 Richard Allen St. and 217 Kelly St. was tabled for a later date. The condemnation process on the property located at 603 Velmer St., was voted on and the condemnation will move to the next step.

Ella Chapman was granted the okay regarding a variance to allow her to purchase a permit for a 16’ x 72’ mobile home and put on her property at 1202 Richard Allen St. It was discussed with Ms. Chapman to skirt her trailer and follow the guidelines of moving her mobile home on her property.

Martha Gross was also granted a variance regarding to build a 22’ x 22’ work shop on her property and her relatives can move out of the travel trailer into the work shop until her home is built. Ms. Gross has more than one city lot for her building, she owns several city lots.

Mayor Smith was authorized to act on behalf of the City of DeQuincy to consider and take appropriate action for Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with The Pentecostal Church of DeQuincy and the City of DeQuincy. There will be a lift station built behind the church to keep the sewer from backing up into the church. The city will build the lift station but it will be the church’s job to do the up keep of the lift station. The city’s part will be $10,000.

Not on the Agenda

Vivian Boyd addressed the Council in concerns of sewer problems at the corner of Richard Allen and William Still. Hank Frazier addressed her problem and stated that the city has received funds to do sewer work at this location. Funds and contractors are all in place. The city is just waiting for the equipment to come in. When the city receives the equipment, work on this project will begin.

On the Agenda

There was no discussion at this time for things on the agenda.

City Reports–Mayor Riley Smith

Mayor Smith commented on the city audit that they received from the auditor. There were only four minor mistakes that were found. Two mistakes on a bid preparation, and it was because of the way it was worded and on invoices. Two council members will work on the project of annexing for the city. They will choose the two among themselves.

Smith thanked the council members for attending the Chamber Banquet and Jim Smith congratulated the Mayor and his wife for receiving the Civic Service award. He also commented on the parade for Friday, Apr. 7, at 3 p.m.