Railroad Festival chairmen

The Louisiana Railroad Days Festival will be held Thursday through Saturday, Apr. 6-8.

The 2023 Chairmen are listed here by title, name and phone number:

Festival Chairman, Tonya Thibodeaux, 337-526-9635

Entertainment Chairman, Kim Goodman, 337-794-2520

Vendor Booth Chairman, Paula Rutland, 337-317-1080; Co-Chair, Cindy Dowers, 337-489-5342

Pageant Chairman, Krystal Keel, 337-274-3572

Gospel Night Chairman, Linda Royer, 337-317-3711; Co-Chair, Denise Doyle, 337-540-7779

T-shirt Chairman, Mary Jane Barbery, 337-396-9263

Old Timers Reunion Chairman, Jolene Constance, 337-317-1575

Parade Chairman, Janet Jordy, 337-842-5022

Bicycle Parade Chairman, Dawn Rainwater, 337-794-1635

Children’s Events Chairman, Becky Grove, 337-884-0595

Railroad Idol Chairman, Bridget Craft, 337-802-1547

Carnival Ride Tickets Chairman, Evalin Hester, 337-263-3041

Run The Rails 5K Fun Run/Walk, Laura Brown, 337-802-9873