DFSL provides trademark info

Louisiana Railroad Days Festival is the trademark of the DeQuincy Federated Service League, Inc. This trademark/logo is registered with the Secretary of State of Louisiana. Said recordation is good for ten years from Feb. 12, 2020.

As stipulated in Louisiana Statutes 51:211, no other person, firm, association, union, or corporation has the right to such use in the classes of #25 Clothing, #16 paper goods and printed matter, and #35 miscellaneous. Such use either in the identical form or in any such resemblance thereto as may be calculated to deceive, and the facsimilies or counteracts are in direct violation to Louisiana Statutes 51:211.

As per 51:211, A: The term “trademark” as used herein means any word, name, symbol, or device or any combination thereof, adopted and used by a person to identify goods made or sold by him and to distinguish them from goods made or sold by others.

Thanks you for your continuous support of the DFSL/Louisiana Railroad Days Festival.