DeQuincy Police investigating copper theft

By Major Jerry Bell, Chief of Detectives

At 9:53 a.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 24, it was reported to the DeQuincy Police Department that a major Burglary and Theft case occurred at the DeQuincy Industrial Airport area. The theft occurred on the south side of Hwy. 12 in one of the large unoccupied warehouses.

Chief Roy Williams, Major Jerry Bell and Officer Sam Brady arrived at the scene to conduct the Investigation. Once there, they we were met by one of the business’ supervisors who explained what occurred.

Apparently from Friday, Jan. 13, until Jan. 24, person(s) unknown had driven a vehicle inside the back of the building and once inside stole from within a very large amount of copper wire that was located throughout the building. In stealing the wire, they destroyed numerous electronic cabinets that held the wire. The total amount of stolen wire and the damage done in removing the wire is presently estimated to be over $150,000 which is probably a low estimate.

A crime scene investigation was conducted by the DeQuincy Police Dept. with items recovered that will be sent to the Calcasieu Parish Crime Lab for DNA testing. With the crime being discovered and reported several weeks after it happened makes it more difficult to solve. However, the DQPD will investigate this incident until there are no more leads to pursue.

The last large copper theft case that occurred in DeQuincy was at the free clothing and food building located off E. Fourth St. That case was and this case will be assigned to Major Jerry Bell, Chief of Detectives.

In the last copper wire case, the two individuals are presently in jail in awaiting to go to court. The audacity of some thieves to steal from the poor made the case even more of a priority to solve.

Because of the amount of damage and cost in this case, the DQPD is offering a reward to anyone coming forward with information that leads to an arrest in this matter. Call 337-786-4000 and you will be assigned a code number, you do not have to give your name.

To read the rest of this story, please see page eight of the print edition The DeQuincy News.