Business Outreach event well attended

By Jerry Bell, Chamber President

A DeQuincy Business Outreach Event was held at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Mar. 17, at the Heritage Place Hotel.

DeQuincy City Planner Kim Rainwater opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and introducing DeQuincy Mayor Riley Smith, Chamber president Jerry Bell, Alliance/Chamber SWLA President/CEO George Swift, Alliance President of workforce and economic development R. B. Smith, SEED center business incubator Executive Director, and operation HandUp project coordinator, Michael Thomas.

Rainwater thanked the Heritage Place Hotel for hosting the event and gave special thanks to Riley and Rebecca Smith for providing the meal. Rebecca received a resounding applause for her work as hostess.

After further welcoming remarks by Mayor Smith and Chamber President Bell, the meeting began. Adrian Wallace discussed the services and programming provided at the SEED Center. Michael Thomas talked about Operation HandUp and provided brief training on specific topics such as how to obtain a DUNS number, and a SAMS number needed for government contracts and stated that a new business owner must go digital to be successful. George Swift and R. B. Smith also assisted with the questions from the citizens. Over 40 persons attended the event, and all stated that this training was most helpful.

Swift further stated that he could arrange further training, if desired, if enough citizens would attend. This was an important first step for those wanting to start up a new business.