Clark to become face of Houston restaurant

Charles Clark will take the reins and become the face of Brasserie 19 in Houston, Texas as Clark Cooper Concepts has decided to part ways.

Clark knows that like a classic car, classic French cuisine, excellent wine, and good company never go out of style. He plans to keep Brasserie 19 pristine and running like a well-oiled machine. He will continue updates to the restaurant’s interior, in addition to the classic design updates from last year. He will evolve the wine program to include a more diverse variety of wines to compliment the globally inspired French menu and Executive Chef Michael Hoffman, former sous-chef at Ibiza, will launch a new menu next month. Champagne bubbles will continue to flow aplenty, oysters will still be consumed on the half shell, and Clark will be seen daily in the dining room overseeing service.

“I am thrilled to be at Brasserie 19 every day, greeting customers who have been dining with us since we opened, meeting new faces, and seeing Chef Michael’s creativity in the kitchen as he evolves and expands the menu,” said Clark.

Clark, world renowned chef and entrepreneur, is a 1980 graduate of DeQuincy High School and the son of Joyce Hester and the late Charles Clark.