New Council member seated

By Evalin Hester

New Council Member Installed

On Monday, Feb. 14, at 6 p.m. the regular monthly council meeting was called to order by Denise Maddox. Invocation, pledge and roll call were led by Mayor Riley Smith, Ronda Jacobs and Pat Brummett, Clerk of Court.

Mrs. Margaret Skinner Brown was installed by Assistant Police Chief Roy Williams. At this time, Mrs. Brown was active in her first council meeting. She will be representing District 4. If you live in District 4, and have a situation or problem you may get in touch with her to solve your situation.

The following four meeting items were approved during the council meeting: 1. Jan. 10, 2022 regular meeting minutes, 2. Jan. 18, 2022 special meeting minutes 3. Jan. 26, 2022 special meeting minutes and 4. Feb. 14, 2022 Agenda.

City Reports Given by Mayor Smith

Mayor Smith thanked everyone for helping make the squirrel hunt a great success which was enjoyed by all. Please remember to keep Johnny Copeland and his family in our prayers during the loss of his son.

The ball field is coming along and all the paperwork has been done and now waiting on the insurance part.

Sewer Report

A sewer tap was installed on Overton Street; cleaned rags of pumps at Douglas Lift Station. The blower at WWTP was changed and installed grit pump and replaced sewer line crossing creek at Tiger land.

Gas Report

Three gas lines were terminated on McNeese, Cole and Kelly Streets. A gas leak was repaired on MLK.

Street Report

Culverts were installed on West Park Loop and Carolina Streets. Twenty tons of cold mix was received for patching pot holes.

Fire Report

Chief Copeland was not in attendance of meeting and Mayor Smith gave the Fire Report. Thirteen call outs was the total for the month of January, 2022. One illegal burn, assisted Beauregard with structure fire, two fire alarm investigations, two structure fires, assisted Ward 6 with grass fire, two vehicle accidents, investigated fire and loud explosion and assisted Ward 6 with three structure fires.

Police Report

During the month of January the DeQuincy Police collected $30,247.28 in fines and bonds. They handled 234 Complaints, 18 Arrests, 139 Warrants Served, 220 Violations. Calls for service are listed here by district: Dist. #1 61, Dist. #2 40, Dist. #3 59, Dist. #4 46, CPSO 26, BPSO 2. The police dept. patroled 7,885 miles.

Financial Report

The monthly financial report for year to date as of Jan. 31, 2022. Actual Year to date totals; FYE 9/30/2022 Budget; remaining Budget: Total Revenue: $2,070,599.93, $4,521,710.00, $2,451,110.07. Total Expenses: $1,802,858.91, $6,166,670.00, $4,363,811.09.

Public hearing and council action on the condemnation of the structure located at 110 Self St. was discussed during the council meeting. This has been discussed and the necessary steps carried out so this project could be cleared up for almost a year. After much discussion, the council decided to give the home owner six months to make a large improvement on said property. The Code enforcer officer will revisit the structure and report back to the council.

The City Council discussed the Tower Lease Amendment with Branch Communications. After discussion on the matter, the Council decided to decline their offer. The Mayor can later do some re-negotiating with the company.