Pipe bomb found in abandoned, stolen car

By Major Jerry Bell, DeQuincy Police Department

On Monday, Feb. 8, around 4:30 a.m. in the morning, Officer Jeromy Brady, along with Lt. Doug Phillips, found an abandoned car on Hwy. 389 and Jake Rigmaiden Road. The State Police was notified of a stolen vehicle. Inside the vehicle was what appeared to be a pipe bomb. Chief Casey Whitehead arrived on scene around 5 a.m.

The area around the vehicle was roped off and the State Police were in route. Numerous State Police Officers to include their EOD personnel and Detectives arrived and took control of the situation. The vehicle was treated as a crime scene and efforts to obtain DNA was done. The pipe bomb device was extracted from the vehicle using a safe technique and was blown up.

The State Police had the vehicle towed to be further inspected for further evidence. Apparently the vehicle had been stolen out of Pinehurst, Texas. Papers located in the vehicle led to a person of interest from this area.

At no time were any citizens at harm during the procedure to extract the pipe bomb. If any arrests are made during this investigation, the public will be advised through the Police Beat in the DeQuincy News.

The DeQuincy Police and the State Police worked together in this situation and are to be commended for their swift action concerning the pipe bomb.

Further information will be forthcoming concerning this situation.