Dr. Joudeh’s updated COVID report

Dr. Jalel Joudeh gave the following COVID-19 update on Tuesday, Aug. 11:
Since COVID testing started in March until the present our local lab has done 713 swabs. Of those, there are 166 positive tests which include 80 females, 43 males and 43 positive reswabs.

It is a critical time for everyone to fight the disease by following local, state and federal guidelines. It is important to help each other and work together against this pandemic. It affects everyone.

Please wear masks at all times when out in public places, avoid gathering in private and in public, stay home if sick, and practice social and physical distancing.

We need to do it together.

We also urge everyone who had the COVID-19 and thankfully recovered to donate their plasma if he or she is capable of doing so. That may save someone else’s life.