City Council meets August 10

By Evalin Hester

The DeQuincy City Council meeting was called to order Monday Aug. 20, at 6 p.m. by Mark Peloquin, President of Council. Invocation and Pledge were led by Mayor Riley Smith and Mary Jo Bayles.


Ordinance Number 927, adopting the Budge of Expenditures for all funds for the city of DeQuincy, state of Louisiana for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2020 and ending Sept. 30, 2021.

An ordinance was introduced and a public hearing was set for Monday, Sept. 14, with regards to providing for implementation of the Provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act 2020 pertaining to Emergency paid sick leave.

The property, located at 120 S. Pine St., was discussed by the Council. There have been numerous complaints regarding said property. DeQuincy’s Code Enforcement Officer has reached out to the owner and discussed how unsafe the property has become. Process will begin with step one to have the property torn down.

City Report

A study of Hwy. 27 and Hwy. 12 will be conducted on the flow of traffic and possibly the changing of the lanes. The old Triangle’s building will soon house a construction company office and they will be leasing out the other part of it.

Police Report

Chief Casey Whitehead gave his report for the month of July, 2020: Fines and Bonds, $23,416; Complaints, 300; Arrests, 29; Warrants served, 13; Violations, 197; Warnings, 159; Calls for Service: Dist. 1 – 67, Dist. 2 – 41, Dist. 3 – 72, Dist. 4 – 71, CPSO – 46, Patrol Miles – 7014.

Fire Report

Fire Chief Johnny Copeland is on vacation: The department had seven call outs for the month of July. They were; Fire alarm at the hospital, grass fire on railroad tracks, fire burning in back year unattended, gas odor inside of house, power grid blew causing power outage, smell of smoke inside of building and structure fire.

Public Works

Eddy Dahlquist reported he was off most of the month of July. During his absence, Hank Frazier hired three new employees and they are working out great. Work has continued during this time.

Sewer Dept.

Hank Frazier reported for the month of July: Quarterly composite samples taken at the wastewater plant, with results being good. Pulled and repaired broken shaft in #2 pump at Douglas Rd. lift station. Replaced flow meter at wastewater plant. Started rehabilitation on Highway 27 north liftstation pumps and piping. Started study on sewer mains and service lines to see what the cost will be to stop storm water inflow into sewer mains and sewer system to stop manhole overflow.

Code Enforcement

Ronnie Carroll stated he had issued 51 notices and only 10 of these notices are not completed. He was pleased with the process that has been made.

The Mayor and Council discussed long term lease of 20-30 acres of city property west of town.

Council Concerns

The council reported everything seems to be getting done and the citizens seem to be cleaning up yards and making the city look good. The council also commented that Mr. Carroll is doing a great job