Firefighters’ breathing system funded by grant

Ward Six Fire Chief Todd Parker and Casco Industries Sales Representative Nick Vidrine are shown with the new Bauer High Pressure Breathing Air System at the Ward Six Fire Department.

Ward Six Fire Protection recently received delivery of a Bauer High Pressure Breathing Air System from Casco Industries.

This new state of the art system is used to refill breathing air bottles for firefighter air packs and replaces a 30 year old breathing air system that has been used by Ward Six Fire Protection since 1989. The old unit was constantly out of service for repairs and replacement has been needed for several years.

This new system was made possible by a $65,000 grant received from the Calcasieu Parish Gaming Funds. The grant completely covered the cost of the system, which was $39,640. The grant is also covering the cost of 10 complete sets of turnout gear, which includes coats, pants, helmets and boots.

Both of these necessary purchases were made at no cost to tax payers.