Haynes appointed Chief; first female Police Chief in city, parish

By Evalin Hester

City Council President Eddy Dahlquist called the meeting to order in the council room on Monday, June 10, at 5:30 p.m. Invocation and pledge weregiven by Mayor Riley Smith and Scott Wylie. Roll call by Sherri Breaux. The council approved the May 13, 2024 regular meeting minutes and the June 10, 2024 agenda.

Items Not on Agenda

Tim Treme spoke of a house in their neighborhood that was in bad condition. It still has a blue roof on the house and the grass is overgrown. He would like to know what could be done to get it looking better. A letter has been sent out to the owner of the property. There are lots of snakes and tall grass.

An official journal has been appointed for the City of DeQuincy. Mayor Smith appointed Annajo Haynes as Police Chief for City of DeQuincy. Mayor Smith said, Chief Haynes is the first female Chief of Police for the city and the first in Calcasieu Parish. This news was well received by the people attending the meeting.

Council discussed a variance for David Williams and friends (up to 10 campers) to stay on the grounds of the Grand Avenue Gym on Friday and Saturday, June 21-23. They have a no hold harmless agreement that will be signed by the council. All the campers that will be set up at the Grand Avenue Gym are self contained.

Mayor Smith accepted the bid of $12,100 on a 2013 LS Tractor P7010C. There was no bids on the other two vehicles: 2016 Ford 6404 and 2017 Ford 1612.

Several variances came before the council. They are as follows:

A variance for Shelly Gaspard to live in a travel trailer on her property at 732 Beech St. while her home is being built. Lots of progress has been made and the council gave Gaspard a six month extension.

An extension has been given to Martha Gross’ family at 722 Beech St.

Property, located at 1110 Allen St., was discussed for a variance for Venessa and Dexter Thomas to live in two travel trailers on said property. They voted to give them a month.

Trina and Cyrus Pullard, Sr., requested to put a small home on their property at 222 Jackson St. The property is not big enough for more than one dwelling. Variance was not approved by council.

There were seven public hearings on the following items:

Public hearing on Ordinance No 965, amending Section 10-91-99 of Article VI of Chapter 10 – Noise of the Code of Ordinance of the City of DeQuincy. Ordinance No 965, amending 10-91-99 was adopted.

Public hearing was held on: 207 Jackson St., 205 Jackson St., 103 Grand Ave. 107 Edgewood St., 103 Edgewood St., and 1114 Truth St. Council voted to adopted the order of condemnation and demolition on all said locations.