Cox retires as City Attorney

By Evalin Hester

Doug Cox attended his last Council Meeting as City Attorney on Monday, June 10. Cox has done an outstanding job for the City of DeQuincy. Mayor Riley Smith presented Cox with a plaque for his 25 years of service. Mayor Smith said he has enjoyed working with Cox for the past six years, he couldn’t ask for a better attorney. He thanked him for all of his dedicated work and for the love of the city. He also said that Cox has always worked for the city below minimum wages.

Lawrence Henagan spoke on behalf of serving with Cox as the city attorney. Henagan stated blessings to him and he thanked him for keeping the city out of trouble. He has always been dedicated and he did an outstanding job.

Denise Maddox said it was a pleasure to work with Cox. She said that when she would ask for information, he would start rocking, and thinking. She also said that the more he walked the more he was thinking. Lots of times when he did this you pretty much had your answer to your question. She appreciated all the things that he did for the city during his 25 years. Maddox wished him good luck in the future.

Lynne Treme spoke of her time while on the council with Cox. She thanked him for his dedication and hard work that he did for the city, and she thanked him for always having the city’s best interest at heart.
Jerry Bell also thanked Cox for his service as the city attorney and he also spoke of Cox being a police officer in his earlier years.

Cox appreciated all the people that he has worked with over the years. He said, “DeQuincy is the best place to be a lawyer and he has been blessed over the years.”