DeQuincy police attend career day

By Major Jerry Bell, DQPD Public Affairs

On Friday, Mar. 8, DeQuincy Police Officers Randy Henry and Dalten Stains participated in DeQuincy Primary School’s Career Day. The officers brought their police vehicles to the school and showed the students the various equipment that the officers use in their vehicles. The students were excited and eager to learn about being a police officer. Several indicated that they would like to become police officers.

Officers Henry and Stains briefed the students all about their job as officers. The students were able to see inside the patrol vehicles and seemed very enthusiastic about learning what officers do. All the students already knew and respected Officer Henry because of his frequent visits to the school checking on the students’ safety.

The DQPD works closely with all the schools’ faculties to better ensure their safety and to let the students know that police officers, especially DQPD officers, are there to help them in every way and to harbor good relations between the students and our officers.