Ward 6 Rec basketball results

By Jennifer Goza, Ward 6 Athletic Director

DeQuincy has three Weeball Teams, Red (Coach Taylor Martin) Black (Coach Katelyn Lacombe) and Grey (Kari Manuel). Although we don’t keep score in that age group, our kids were a force on the court.

5-6 Girls

Coach Taryn Maddox – DQ over South Beau 20-4, lead scorer Lila Neal with 12

5-6 Boys

Red – Coach Colbie Christ – DQ over SB 12-0, Lead scorer Case Stratton with 8

Grey – Coach Jessie Vincent – Tie, lead scorer Isaac Leday with 6

Black – Coach Shaquelle Jones – SB over DQ, lead scorer Caleb Moss with 2

7-8 Girls

Coach Billie Perkins – DQ over SB 24-9, lead scorer Oakley Perkins with 10

7-8 Boys

Grey – Coach Wesley Conner – DQ over SB 36-6, lead scorer Lawt Neal with 12

Black – Coach Ryan Spears – DQ over SB 18-2, lead scorer Grayson Boykin with 10

9-10 Girls

Coach Julie Thorn – DQ over SB 18-5, lead scorers Lillian Thorn and Lilly Vanwinkle with 8 each

9-10 Boys

Red – Coach Colbie Christ – DQ over SB 24-8, lead scorer Baylen Tillman with 8

Black – Coach Jennifer Goza DQ over SB 34-6, lead scorers Cooper Goza, Ethan Vinatieri and Gatlinn Grove, all with 10 points each

11-14 Girls

Coach Maggie Cummings – DQ over SB 31-7, lead scorer Kennadie Schultz with 10

11-12 Boys

Coach Derek Davis – The boys had a double header, won both – 44-3, lead scorer Dayne Davis with 14 and 34-9, lead scorers Joel Dardar and Brandon Skinner, both with 6

13-14 Boys

Coach Mike Griffin – DQ over SB 47-37, lead scorer Conner Snell with 14