January 8, 2024
DeQuincy, LA
THE COUNCIL of the city of DeQuincy met in regular session on the above date in the city hall council chambers located at 300 Holly Street, DeQuincy, Louisiana, with the following members present: Scott Wylie, Jim Smith, Eddy Dahlquist, Cameron Smith, and Margaret Brown. Absent: None.
Council Member Eddy Dahlquist called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. Mayor Smith gave the invocation, and Cameron Smith led the pledge of allegiance.
A motion was made by Jim Smith and seconded by Scott Wylie to approve the December 11, 2023, regular meeting minutes. Without objection, the motion was carried.
The financial report was in the file. As of December 31, 2023, the overall total revenue, actual year to date is $1,565,578.08 with the FYE 9/30/2024 budget being $6,650,200.00 and a remaining budget of $5,084,621.92 The total expenses, as of December 2023, actual year-to-date total is $1,396,164.17 with the FYE 9/30/2024 budget total expenses being $9,162,520.00 and the remaining budget of $7,766,355.83.
Fire, Police, Code Enforcement, Public Works, and Sewer reports were in council files. There were no questions or comments from the council.
City Report
? Thanked the council for working together. Looking forward to working with each of them to bring growth, industry, retail, and housing this year.
? Asked the council to drive their districts and choose the five worst roads and sidewalks to have overlayed. This is so the process can begin to get quotes so this project can be worked into the budget.
? A new public work truck has been delivered.
A motion was made by Scott Wylie and seconded by Jim Smith approving the January 8, 2024 agenda. Without objection motion carried.
Public Input
Items not on the agenda:
Hank Frazier spoke about W.F. Berry, a city employee of the gas department for many years. He thanked Mr. WF Berry’s family and presented the gas department with several maps of the gas lines in the city. The maps are in great condition, and he will take very good care of them. Mr. W.F. Berry passed away and will be missed.
Vance Perkins asked the city if they would consider purchasing the Hammond Hotel building and turning it into the new City Hall. Maybe the city doing this would help the downtown area with some spark. The mayor and council agreed to look into it. Kevin with SWLA gave some ideas on what other cities are doing.
Council Eddy Dahlquist asked if all liquor licenses were renewed. All have been renewed. Items on the agenda: Margaret Shields from T’s place introduced herself. And was available for questions. A motion was made by Scott Wylie and seconded by Jim Smith to deny the 2024 liquor application for T’s place. ( It is too close to the church as stated in ordinance number 919). The vote was as follows: Scott Wylie, Eddy Dahlquist, and Cameron Smith denied the request and Jim Smith and Margaret Brown abstained. Mayor Smith re-appointed department heads; Sherri Breaux-City Clerk, Hank Frazier-Public Works Director, Roy Williams- Chief of Police, and Johnny Copeland-DeQuincy Fire Chief. A motion was made by Cameron Smith and seconded by Margaret Brown. Without objection motion carried. A motion was made by Margaret Brown and seconded by Cameron Smith to introduce an ordinance and set a public hearing for February 12, 2024, regarding adding policy and procedures for DeQuincy Airport. Without objection motion carried. A motion was made by Margaret Brown and seconded by Scott Wylie to approve the final step of the condemnation of the structure located at 120 Maple Street. Without objection motion carried There being no further business, Scott Wylie made a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was seconded by Margaret Brown and carried.
ATTEST: /s/Sherri Breaux
City Council Clerk
/s/Riley Smith
/s/Eddy Dahlquist
Run: Jan. 17, 2024 (J-2)