Calc. Police Jurors sworn in Jan. 8th

Members of the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury were officially sworn in for their 2024-28 terms on Monday, Jan. 8, at a special organizational meeting.

The Police Jurors represent 15 districts throughout Calcasieu Parish. One juror, Darby Quinn, representing District 1, is serving his first term on the Police Jury. He takes over the seat held by Ashton Richard, who retired after serving one term.

Mary Kaye Eason, District 8, is serving her first full term. She served briefly on the Police Jury in 2005 after being appointed to finish an unexpired term. Eason takes over the seat previously held by Guy Brame, who retired after serving five terms.

Judge Robert Wyatt of the Fourteenth Judicial District Court Division D administered the official oath of office. Once the jurors were sworn in, the Police Jury conducted its first official order of business by electing officers for 2024. Jurors elected Anthony Bartie as President for 2024 and Ron Hayes as Vice President.

The 2024-28 members of the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury are as follows:

Dist. 1, Darby Quinn, 1st term; Dist. 2 Mike Smith, 2nd term; Dist. 3, Eddie Lewis, Jr., 2nd term; Dist. 4, Tony Guillory, 5th term; Dist. 5, Brian Abshire, 3rd term; Dist. 6, Ron Hayes, 2nd term; Dist. 7, Chris Landry, 7th term; Dist. 8, Mary Kaye Eason, 1st full term; Dist. 9, Anthony Bartie, 2nd term; Dist. 10, Tony Stelly, 5th term; Dist. 11, Roger Marcantel, 2nd term; Dist. 12, Judd Bares, 3rd term; Dist. 13, Joe Andrepont, 2nd term; Dist. 14, Randy Burleigh, 2nd term; and Dist. 15, Tony Tramonte, 2nd term.