Know your DQPD officer: Keith Doyle

By Major Jerry Bell, Public Affairs

This month’s officer to know is Keith Doyle. He began his career in Law Enforcement in 2022 with the DeQuincy Police Dept. Officer Doyle has six children and five grandchildren and is a native of Longville. He is widely known as a family man and happily married to his wife, Norma for seven years. Doyle stated that he likes to help people, and this is one way that he can do that every day. He also stated that he wants to stay with the DQPD until he retires.

A milestone in Officer Doyle’s life happened on Tuesday, Nov. 14, when he graduated from the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Academy and became a full-fledged Police Officer. He stated that it was a hard struggle, but he made it. During these times, when hardly anyone wants to become a Police Officer, Officer Doyle stepped up to the plate and became one.

He is known as an officer that the DQPD can count upon to do his job. Chief Roy Williams, LTC Annajo Haynes, and Major Jerry Bell all attended the graduation ceremony and saw how happy he was to finish the academy. All our DQPD officers extend their congratulations for his achievement. We thought that you would like to know about one of your dedicated Police Officers.