The City Council of the City of DeQuincy, State of Louisiana, met in regular session on the 9th day of October 2023, and adopted the following Ordinance as an amendment to Appendix A of the Code of Ordinances.
WHEREAS, the City of DeQuincy desires to update and modernize its Appendix A regarding the General Zoning Ordinance.
THEREFORE, BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council that Appendix A- General Zoning Ordinance is hereby amended to read as follows:
SECTION 5A. All development in the residential district shall conform to the development standards set out in the following table:
USE; LOT SIZE; (SQ FT) FRONT SET BACK (FT); SIDE AND REAR SETBACK(FT) HEIGHT (FT) UTILITY RIGHT OF WAY (FT FROM CENTER): CHURCHES, SCHOOLS, AND PUBLIC USES; 1 ACRE, 50, 10, 35, 10-15. ACCESSORY USES; , 25, 10, 35, 10-15. RESIDENTIAL AND MOBILE HOMES; 6,000, 25, 10, 35, 10-15. (1) No overhang from any structure shall be allowed on utility easements. (2) Size of a dwelling: (A) The minimum lot or parcel size of land for a dwelling shall be six thousand (6,000) square feet. (B) No dwelling shall hereafter be occupied, and no structure of any nature may be used as a dwelling if it is smaller than nine hundred (900) square feet in total area. (C) The number of dwelling units on an individual lot is limited to no more the one (1) Residential use per lot unless otherwise approved by the city council. (3) Regulated Development. The use of land, including the change or enlargement of any use or disturbance of any land and the performance of any building or mining operation which has the characteristics, nature, suggestion or appearance of a development containing publicly owned and maintained infrastructure within its boundaries. Regulations for regulated developments are included in the ordinance governing subdivisions. In addition to any development having the previously described characteristics, the Following shall be considered a regulated development: (A) A development which includes a drive providing access to two or more structures which are not accessory structures. (B) A development which includes a utility providing services to two or more structures which are not accessory structures. (C) A development which includes drainage infrastructure providing services to two (2) or more structures which are not accessory structures. SECTION 9. In case any building or structure is erected, structurally altered or maintained in violation of this ordinance, the city [town] may institute any appropriate action or proceeding to prevent such unlawful erection, structural alterations, maintenance or use, to restrain, correct, or abate any such violation, to prevent the occupancy of the building, structure or land, or to prevent any illegal act, conduct of business, or use in or about such premises. The regulations shall be enforced by the building inspector of the city [town], or any other officer who may be hereafter authorized by the city council to enforce such regulations, or to issue building permits, who is empowered to cause any building, structure, or premises to be inspected and examined, to order in writing the remedying of any condition found to exist therein in violation of this ordinance. The owner or general agent of any building or premises where a violation of this ordinance has been committed or exists, or the lessee or tenant of an entire building or any other person who commits, takes part in or who assists in any violation, or who maintains any building or premises in which any violation exists, shall be fined not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00), and not more than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00), or be imprisoned for not more than thirty (30) days, for each day the violation continues. Said Ordinance having been introduced on the 11th day of September, 2023, notice of Public Hearing having been published on the 4th day of October, 2023, said Public Hearing having been held on the 9th day of October, 2023 with the title having been read and Ordinance considered, on motion by Scott Wylie, seconded by Jim Smith_____ to adopt the Ordinance. A record vote was taken, and the following result was had:
This Ordinance was declared duly adopted on this 9th day of October 2023. /s/Eddie Dahlquist,
Chairman of the Council
I hereby certify that the foregoing Ordinance has been presented to the mayor on this 9th day of October, 2023, at ___5:30 o’clock p.m.
/s/Sherri Breaux,
Secretary of the Council
and City Clerk
I have reviewed the above and foregoing Ordinance on this 9th day of October, 2023 and do hereby Approve same.
/s/Riley Smith,
I hereby certify that I have received from the mayor at __5:30 o’clock p. m., on this 9th day of October, 2023, the foregoing Ordinance which has been Approved by the Mayor.
/s/Sherri Breaux,
Secretary of the Council
and City Clerk

I certify that the above and foregoing constitutes a true and correct copy of an Ordinance duly adopted at a meeting of the City Council of the City of DeQuincy held on October 9th, 2023, at which meeting a quorum was present and voted in favor of said Ordinance and said Ordinance has never been modified or rescinded and is still in full force and effect.

Date: 10/9/2023
/s/Sherri Breaux,
Secretary of the Council
and City Clerk
Run: October 18,2023 (O-5)