Two resolutions adopted at October council meeting

By Evalin Hester

On Monday, Oct. 9, Eddy Dahlquist, Council President opened the meeting with Mayor Riley Smith saying the Invocation and Councilman Scott Wylie led the pledge. Sherri Breaux, council secretary did roll call.

The council approved the regular meeting minutes of the Sept. 11, and the Agenda of Oct. 9. An approval for liquor application for the Family Dollar Stores of Louisiana, LLC dba Family Dollar #20799.

There has been no response from the owners of said property located at 609 Center St. The council voted to proceed with the next step.

Mayor Smith was authorized to act on behalf of the City of DeQuincy in all matters concerning the Cooperative endeavor Agreement between the Ward 4 Marshal’s Office and City of DeQuincy for sale of the 2020 Chevy pick up with vin# ending 4318.

Two resolutions were adopted: 1). Adopt a resolution to authorize the Mayor to execute an Agreement with Louisiana Department of Transportation and Developement (LA DOTD) for improvements at the DeQuincy Industrial Airpark. 2). Adopt a resolution authorizing the Mayor to accept the DeQuincy Industrial Airpark’s Capital Improvement Plan for 2024-2028.

Public hearing on Ordinance #941-B amending the FYE 9/30/22 budget was presented to the public and voted on by council. Council voted to adopt ordinance #941-B. Public hearing was held on Ordinance #958 amending Article II of Chapter 5, SEC 5-29 of the Code of Ordinance of the City of DeQuincy-Condemnation, demolition, and removal. Ordinance was adopted. Public hearing on Ordinance #959 amending Appendix A SEC of the Code of Ordinance of the City of DeQuincy-General Zoning Ordinance was held and was adopted by council.

City Reports

Mayor Smith reported that the roof repairs will get started this month on the Railroad Museum. The Farmers Market and the KCS Depot 100th Centennial Celebration were both well attended.

The new police cars have arrived. There will be a Trash Bash on Saturday, Oct. 21. Pep Rally will be held at the Railroad Museum grounds Thursday, Oct. 12, and the Homecoming Parade will be Friday, Oct. 13 at 3 p.m.

Public Input/Not On Agenda

Vance Perkins thanked the City for all of the help that the City provided to help with the Centennial Celebration to make it a success. DeAndre Mallett, addressed the council with a problem of the property behind him on 1114 Truth St. He stated the property is all grown up and lots of snakes, etc. are coming over onto his property and ask if the city could do something about this property. He also stated that his sewer is still backing up on his property. Hank Frazier, Public Works Superintendent addressed his sewer problem and assured him after the work is all completed it will take care of his problem.