Firefighter spotlight

Firefighter Anthony D. Peshoff, Jr. (“T. J.”) has been a volunteer member of Ward 6 since 2005. While he may have joined the department in 2005, he was a “station brat” from a young age as the son of the late Anthony D. Peshoff, Sr., the first fire chief of Ward 6 Fire Protection Dist. #1, and his mother, the late Joann Peshoff, who retired as Asst. Warden of Phelps Correctional Center.

Firefighter Peshoff has always worked in the public safety sector. He is currently employed by the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office since 2005 and has worked in corrections, transportation and patrol.
Firefighter Peshoff holds certifications in Haz Mat Awareness, Operations, Firefighter 1, NIMS 100-800, and Vehicle Extrication. In 2022, Firefighter Peshoff transitioned from a volunteer member to a part time firefighter for the department and works scheduled shifts at the department several days per month.

His hobbies include, paintball, R/C cars, sports, and fishing.

Goals in the fire service?

“I want to constantly learn new methods and techniques about firefighting, achieve Firefighter 2 and Officer certifications so that I can become an officer within the department.”

Why do you work as a firefighter?

“As a child, I was always around the fire station with my father, riding to emergency calls. I became interested in the fire service at an early age and the desire to help the community when someone is in need has always been there. I like to think that in some way I can be the ray of hope for people that are experiencing their darkest and most tragic days.”

If you see Firefighter Peshoff in the community working as a firefighter or on his full time job with CPSO, take a moment to thank him for his dedication to public service.