Juvenile Justice briefing held

By Major Jerry Bell, Chief of Detectives/Public Affairs Officer

In July 2023, Major Jerry Bell contacted Mr. Anthony Celestine, Director of the Office of Juvenile Justice Services and requested that one of his officers come to the DeQuincy Police Department and give a formal Juvenile Justice briefing to the DeQuincy Police Department Command Staff.

This was in reference the different rules and laws pertaining to juvenile justice. On July 19, at 9 a.m., Mr. Celestine brought his whole command staff to the DeQuincy Police Department, and each officer gave a briefing on their part pertaining to juvenile justice. It was a very informative briefing and much needed because of the many changes in juvenile justice system. At the end of the class, Major Bell took a photo of Mr. Celestine’s staff. Chief Williams thanked Director Celestine and his Staff and told him that this was a very valuable class and appreciated by our staff.