July 10 council meeting

By Evalin Hester

Several items were discussed at the Monday, July 10, DeQuincy City Council meeting.

It was approved for Crystal Keel to place a prefabricated home at 316 Smith St. Councilman Jim Smith went and walked over the property and he described in detail all the findings and it was approved.

David Jones was given one year to complete his new home at 201 Jefferson St. Councilwoman Margaret Brown talked with Louisiana Restore and they told her they will build Mr. Jones a home and he has met all requirements.

There were three properties that the Council decided to proceed to the next step of condemnation process. They are: 1001 Richard Allen St., 304 E. Harrison St., and 120 Maple Street.

An Ordinance was introduced and a public hearing was set for Aug, 14, giving approval and to set a level for the mayor to sign and enter into contracts and purchases up to an amount set by this ordinance.

A Public Hearing regarding the 2023 millage rates was held but no comments were noted. The council adopted a resolution regarding the 2023 millage rates. A public hearing regarding the proposed budget of expenditures for the FYE 9/30/24.

Vance Perkins asked if the city was in good shape? Was there a rainy day fund put aside for emergencies? Were we in the black or red? Mayor Riley Smith stated that the city was in good shape and Vance could stop by anytime and look at the records and talk with him about the budget.

An ordinance was adopted regarding the proposed budget of expenditures for the FYE 9/30/24.

A resolution was adopted to accept a bid on the Airfield Pavement Sealcoat project. This will be paid for with a grant. A special called meeting will be held to accept the grant.

The council adopted a resolution to sign a contract with Enterprise for a fleet of vehicles for the police and public works department. This will be a five year contract. The city will be able to get seven police units and one city vehicle. As of now its hard to purchase a vehicle. Enterprise will be in charge of the maintenance on the vehicles. Now the vehicles are old and the cost of maintenance on the vehicles is high. By signing with Enterprise the city will not be responsible for this cost. The city will only be in charge of the oil changes. This will save the city a lot of money. Several of the area cities are already on board with these procedures.

Not on Agenda

Woody Daigle representative of John Kennedy’s office was present at the council meeting. He was reaching out to the smaller rural areas to see if anyone needed help, or had a wish list. If anyone had a project anyone needed help with, he has forms available if anyone is interest in filling one out. Mayor Smith said Daigle has always been a friend to DeQuincy and he has always been helpful.

On Agenda

Vance Perkins of DeQuincy asked about the budget and adopting an ordinance giving the mayor approval to sign and enter into contracts and purchases up to an amount set by the ordinance. The mayor answered all of Mr. Perkins questions.

City Reports

Mayor Smith stated that the city has new dental and vision insurance as of July 1. There will be a Harvest Food Mobile Market on Saturday, July 15, at the museum grounds. TPC will have a National Serve Day.

Aug. 3-5, the Louisiana Municipality Association will host its annual meeting. The Hayes Street Drainage project will start soon. One of the officers was injured during a high speed chase and will be off from work for a few weeks.

The meeting was adjourned by Margaret Brown.