Know your DQPD officer: LTC Annajo Haynes

By Major Jerry Bell, DeQuincy Police Department Public Affairs Officer

This month’s officer to know is LTC Annajo Haynes. LTC Haynes was born and raised in Vinton, but now resides with her husband Matthew in Starks.

LTC Haynes graduated from the Louisiana State Probation and Patrol Academy in 2008 and worked in the DeQuincy area supervising over 250 offenders, many of them violent. Probation Agent Annajo Haynes worked well with the DeQuincy Police Department officers and was well respected for the way she handled the parolees. She was not fearful and many of the parolees respected her.

In January 2020, Officer Haynes came to work at the DeQuincy Police Department as a patrol officer and very quickly, the command staff realized her potential and in February 2022 recommended that she be promoted to Patrol Sergeant. Officer Haynes had proven her expertise on the streets and the command staff saw that her outstanding dedication to duty, her excellent reports, and the way she communicated with the public, were just some of her reasons for her promotion to patrol sergeant.

When Chief Roy Williams became the Chief of Police after Chief Casey Whitehead took another position, he met with Major Jerry Bell and discussed the new command staff. Major Bell, fully realizing Sgt Annajo Haynes’ capabilities, recommended to Chief Williams that Sgt. Haynes be promoted to LTC and assume the role as the Asst. Chief of Police. Major Jerry Bell requested that he remain as the Chief of Detectives because of his skills as a criminal investigator.

Chief Williams agreed and promoted Sgt. Haynes to LTC. LTC Haynes’ new duties include most of the administrative duties for the chief, taking care of the timecards and payroll, and supervising all the criminal investigations. LTC Haynes also continues to do her first love as a patrol supervisor on the streets. LTC Haynes also works with the elderly, helping with their needs.

LTC Haynes has two children, a 22- and 17-year-old and two young grandchildren whom she loves dearly. When asked what her future goals were, LTC Haynes stated that she wanted to continue working in DeQuincy and help keep it one of the safest cities in Louisiana.

According to Chief Williams and Major Bell, LTC Haynes is a definite asset to the DeQuincy Police Department because of her expertise in all facets of police work. She continues to put her life on the line numerous times for our citizens as a patrol officer on our streets. So now you know a little about LTC Annajo Haynes, a loyal and dedicated officer that works hard to keep our city safe.