DeQuincy library patrons are asked to fill out a short survey

The Calcasieu Parish Public Library is asking citizens to take a short survey that will help library officials to understand when residents use their libraries.

Since the COVID epidemic of 2020, followed by a string of natural disasters, residents have relocated to different areas of the Parish and have changed the way they access information. From online shopping and curbside pickup, many companies have shifted their hours to match the population’s new lifestyle.

With that, the Calcasieu Parish Public Library is wanting patrons to voice their opinions in a short survey that asks patrons when they visit their library and if they could change the hours, what would it be?

“Times have changed and so have our communities. Our DeQuincy and Vinton locations now have new, larger library facilities and our Iowa branch will soon be completed. With that, we feel that now is a good time to poll the public to see when and how our patrons use their libraries,” said Christy Comeaux, the library’s Public Information Officer. “This feedback helps us to see when the libraries are being used and to shift the hours if need be.”

The survey will be available on July 5, at all local library branches and online at The survey will run until the end of July.

“Adaptability makes up a portion of our core values. We’re always open to meet the needs of our communities, even if means change. As the community continually evolves, we welcome the opportunity to evolve with it.”

For more information on the Calcasieu Parish Public Library or to access the online version of the survey, visit the library website at