High speed chase through DeQuincy

By Major Jerry Bell, Public Affairs Officer

Around 8 p.m. on Thursday, June 15, the DeQuincy Police Department dispatch was notified by Vinton Police Department that they were chasing a vehicle and it was heading on Hwy. 12 towards DeQuincy. Numerous sirens could be heard at this time. DeQuincy Police Dept. Dispatch alerted Officers Sam Brady and Keith Doyle.

Captain Doug Phillips, on call detective, was also dispatched. Vinton Police Dept. was chasing a black Dodge Charger with Texas License plates. The driver was later identified as Daniel Smith, 40, Vidalia, who was wanted for Domestic Abuse Battery of a Dating Partner and Grievous Bodily Harm. The vehicle was speeding towards DeQuincy with speeds more than 100 mph.

DeQuincy Police officers Brady and Doyle encountered the speeding vehicle on Hwy. 12 (4th St.) by the elementary school and attempted to slow the vehicle down before it got into the center of the city. The vehicle turned south on Overton St., and came out at Brookshire’s, got back on 4th St., and headed east. At the intersection of 4th and Lake Charles Ave., Captain Phillips attempted to stop the vehicle.

The vehicle reached South Grand Ave. and proceeded towards Sulphur, leaving DeQuincy. Sulphur Police Dept. was notified. Units involved in the chase were the Vinton PD, DeQuincy PD, La. State Police and Sulphur PD. No one was hurt in the chase, the black Dodge evaded capture somewhere near Westlake.
Captain Phillips sent a warrant to Judge Tony Fazzio with the charges of: Aggravated Flight from an Officer, Reckless Operation of a Vehicle, Expired Plate, Stop Signs and Yield Signs; Penalties for Violations, Turning Movements and Required Signals, and Required Position and Method of Turning at Intersections. Judge Fazzio returned the warrant with a $41,100 bond.

The other municipalities also charged Smith with various traffic offenses. To date, the subject has not been captured. His name was entered on NCIC, and his capture will probably occur in several days. The DeQuincy Police officers are to be commended for their actions regarding this incident.

DeQuincy Police Dispatcher, Zaine Perkins, did an outstanding job of coordinating the chase with all the various police departments. No one, including the perpetrator was hurt, no vehicles were damaged, and the officers acted in accordance with their training. High speed chases are dangerous for everyone involved and fortunately for all the police departments, no one was injured. So now, the public knows what all the sirens were on June 15, around 8 p.m.

Upon capture of Smith, an update will be sent to DeQuincy News.