Brummett to retire from city at end of May

By Evalin Hester

The DeQuincy City Council meeting was called to order on Monday, May 8, at 5:30 p.m. by Eddy Dahlquist, Chamber President.

Mayor Riley Smith is well pleased with all the work that the City Crew is doing at the walking path. He said they are doing an excellent job repairing the whole walking path. FEMA has given them the okay to proceed with this project. Also the Engineer has done a scope of work that will need repairs and soon the repairs can start.

On Saturday, Apr. 29 the Cruise-In-DeQuincy car show was held and it was well attented and a great one.

On the Friday, May 12, a fish fry will be held at the musuem grounds for First Responders.

Last November 2022, CEA and PRD&G requested to enter into an agreement with the city. The hold up is the city is waiting to hear back about the Ceriticate of Insurance on libility before they can enter into this agreement.

Mayor Smith said Mrs. Pat Brummett is going to retire from the city at the end of May after 13 years of service. He reminded her about two years ago she said she was ready to retire but he talked her out of it.

She has been loyal, dedicated and very good for the city. He stated it was selfish on his part for wanting her to stay but he wished her a happy retirement and many blessings. Mayor Smith said after working with Mrs. Pat for five years he was deeply grateful for all of her hard work.

Lawrence Henagan worked with Pat for ten years and said it was good to have a loyal and dedicated person like Mrs. Pat and he wanted her to know that he appreciated her.

Major Jerry Bell spoke about his and Casey Whitehead’s time spent with Pat; how she was kind and a great asset to the city. She is like the Quarterback for the city or the rudder out in the water. Major Bell said everything the police department needed or asked for, she always listened with an open mind and she always had their backs. Major Bell said, they will sure miss her.

Mary Jo Bayles said that Pat became a very good friend of hers and she will always keep her in her thoughts and heart and wishes her the best on her retirement.

Mike Suchanek thanked Pat for all her help and dedication she had for the city during the time he was chief of police. He was the first chief of police during her time with the city. She broke him in and taught him about purchase orders. He wished her the best on her retirement.

Even though I, Evalin Hester, didn’t talk during the meeting, I remember when Pat came to work for the city. Her desk was located behind mine. She did all the tickets for the city and did a fantasic job with her duties. She was quiet and very dedicated on having all of her work right. She did everything with grace and pride. She moved on to be the Clerk for the city and the council. She has done a great job during her 13 years with the city. She leaves big shoes to fill and she will be missed.

Good luck and many blessings in the years to come. Don’t be a stranger. We all love you.