DeQuincy preparing for 2023 storm season

Submitted by Major Jerry Bell, Public Affairs

It is less than 90 days until Hurricane season, and Mayor Riley Smith has instructed the Emergency Manager, Major Jerry Bell, and the Mayor’s Department Heads to start planning for this year’s hurricane season.

Bell was instructed by the Mayor to update the DeQuincy Emergency Hurricane plans and to make contact with the Calcasieu Parish Office of Emergency Preparedness (OEP) and Ward Six authorities. This was done on Mar. 3. Presently, he is establishing the guidelines and timelines for the 2023 Hurricane and Disaster response.

Bell is also attending the Mutual Aid meetings and contacting those that can help in any disaster. He is keeping in contact with our State legislators, Senator Mike Reese and Representative Dewith Carrier who were so helpful during hurricanes Laura and Delta.

The DeQuincy Public Works Director, Hank Frazier, was briefed on activities that should be started 90 days out from Hurricane season. Frazier stated that his men had already started pre-hurricane operations such as cleaning out culverts, working on ditches, and making sure that all our generators were working properly. Regular updates will be given to our citizens before, during, and after any hurricane.

All our citizens should be thinking about being prepared should we have another hurricane. LAWCO and CLECO authorities will soon be contacted to make sure that DeQuincy will be covered during this hurricane season.

During the last three hurricanes, and the ice storm, DeQuincy’s water did not go down and we are thankful to LAWCO for this. We want to make sure that during the next hurricane we keep our water up.

DeQuincy has a good working relationship with CLECO, and they always come through for us. Should another hurricane come this season, let’s all work together to get through it.