Allen Landry celebrates 100th birthday

By Jerry Bell, Post 183 Commander

The DeQuincy American Legion Post 183 wishes to congratulate one of its own Legionnaires for obtaining the age of 100 years on Sunday, Jan. 29. This was a tremendous milestone, and our Post is very proud to have Marine Allen Landry in our Post.

Shown is Landry shaking hands with one of his friends that have also served her country at a recent meeting at our post.

We, at the Post are very thankful for Landry and the sacrifices that he made for his country many years ago and after World War II, he came home and was very successful and made an outstanding citizen, father, and a truly American that loves his country.

It was men like Landry that came home from the War, went to work, and made this country great. He is truly from the “Greatest Generation”, the generation that made it possible for us Americans to be free.

Our Post and all we veterans wish Landry many more years to come. We truly appreciate what he has done for our country. He was and still is a true American Hero in many people’s eyes.

Thank God for men and women such as Landry who left the United States, not knowing if they were coming back or not, did their duty, helped defeat terrible enemies to save the world.