Starks Students of Year named

By Evelyn White

Starks Elementary

Starks High School has named Cheyenne Alise Hartwell as its 2022 Elementary Student of the Year. Hartwell is the 10 year old daughter of Lyndon and Devin Hartwell and is in the 5th grade.

She loves softball and basketball. When not busy with sports, she works with animals. Seh loves all animals but her favorite is her bearded dragon Flame.

Her goal is to go to Oklahoma State University and play softball. She wants to be a nurse practitioner and specialize in pediatrics. She wants to be able to save lives.

She would like to help her community with child care and later be able to give her time and donations to her community for animal shelters and recycling.

Hartwell feels honored to be chosen as Student of the Year at Starks Elementary and appreciates the education she is receiving.

Starks Middle

Braden James Holloway has been selected as Starks Middle School Student of the Year. Holloway is the son of James “Taco” and Brandi Holloway.

He feels fortunate that both his parents are teachers. He has learned to set goals and then work hard to achieve those goals.

He loves sports and participates in many sports in his school and surrounding communities. He hopes to play in the NBA someday. He would like to attend LSU Law School and become an attorney.

He volunteers in his community and is very active in his Youth Group at the First Baptist Church of Starks.

Holloway has learned from his dad the importance of making good grades. His major goal is to become successful and come back to his community and help those in need.

Starks High

Natalie Rayne Remedies is the Starks High School Student of the Year. Remedies is the daughter of Jana Doyle and Lyle Remedies.

She plans to attend LSU with a major in Chemistry with a concentration in Pre-Medical studies. Her goal is to become a licensed physician with a practice that specializes in research studies. She firmly believes there is a cure for the diseases we are facing today. She wants to work to find a cure in order to help the children of her community as well as the whole world.

She is a very active volunteer and community minded young lady. Through her church, First Pentecostal Church of Starks, and other charities, she works to prepare food and other essentials for the people in need.

Through her work with “Colors for a Cause”, Remedies has learned more about cancer in children and the help that these organizations give to the families of children with cancer. She hopes to do more to support these families and hopefully someday find a cure.