Road diet planned for La. 27

On Thursday, Nov. 3, LA DOTD held a public meeting in the Town Hall Museum. The DeQuincy Chamber of Commerce has for the last 10 months been pursuing improvements to Highway 27 between DeQuincy and Sulphur. We have contacted our State Senator, Mike Reese and State Representative Dewith Carrier for assistance with the project. Senator Reese advised Lillian Karr, Chamber Manager to contact DOTD.

DOTD was contacted by Chamber of Commerce manager Lillian Karr. A group to six DOTD representatives attended the March meeting of the Chamber of Commerce. At this meeting we were advised that a study of the highway must first be made. A few months later DOTD advised that the study was in process. We realized some folks do not sign petitions; however we had anticipated a much larger response due to the many accidents and deaths on this highway.

On Thursday DOTD presented a Road Diet. A Road Diet is a roadway reconfiguration converting a 4-lane undivided roadway to a 3-lane road consisting of 2-thru lanes and a center two-way left turn lane.

Road Diets reduce the number of conflict points for vehicles, enhancing safety for better access for the many side streets and driveways from the center turn lane.

Road Diets meet the intent of DOTD’s complete streets policy which works to create a comprehensive, integrated and connect transportation network.

Proposed Action

Complete a “road diet” on LA 27 Grand Avenue from just south of Richardson Road to LA 12 East 4th Street to improve safety and connectivity.

The scope will be to add a center turn lane and bike lane in direction of LA 27 (Grand Ave.) by reducing a vehicle in each direction. Other work will include patching, shipping, and sidewalk repairs and adding sidewalk ramps.

Signal at the intersection of LA 27 (Grand Ave.).

No additional right of way will be required.

The approximate cost of this project is $700,000. Work is anticipated to begin in March.

The Chamber of Commerce appreciates this project, however we have told DOTD we are not giving up on a 4-lane of Hwy. 27 between DeQuincy and Sulphur. We the citizens of DeQuincy realize the importance of this improvement that has been talked of for the past 60 years.

The Chamber of Commerce asks each of you to contact your representatives and express your interest in this project.