Chamber shares updates on Highway 27 safety study

By Lillian Karr, Chamber Manager

The DeQuincy Chamber of Commerce has received an update on the Hwy. 27 project between DeQuincy and Sulphur from the Dept. of Transportation and Development. They have completed a safety study.

During this study, all segment crash reports from the past three years and all fatality crash reports from the past 10 years were evaluated extensively. Vehicle counts were taken at three separate locations throughout this segment of roadway and several speed studies were also conducted. Lastly, multiple site visits were also made to better understand the unique features of the roadway.

Their plan is to take a systematic approach to increase both safety and capacity within the study area. This includes 20 short term improvements, as well as interim and long term improvements.

Short term safety improvements will include signage and striping upgrades. These short term improvements will be completed using District Forces.

Other interim and long term safety improvements will be sent to our ADA of Engineering for planning and to be considered in upcoming projects. These include intersection improvements at major intersections, adding turn lanes at minor intersections, extending the 4/5-lane roadway north to LA 379 (Houston River Rd.), and adding a northbound and southbound passing lane; with the final goal of converting the roadway to a 4/5-lane segment from Sulphur to DeQuincy. The interim and long term improvement will be implemented according to DOTD’s priority program.

Besides these recommendations, there are two safety improvements currently in progress. First, a new CEO had been submitted to reduce the speed limit near the intersection of LA 27 at LA 379 (Houston River Rd.).

Secondly, in the design phase is State Project H.014964, which is a road diet for the 4-lane segment of LA 27 between LA 12 and Richardson Rd. This project includes converting the 4-lane segment to a 2-lane segment with a center turn lane and bike lanes on both sides of the roadway.

We will continue to keep the public informed of any correspondence received from DOTD.