DeQuincy hosts scrimmage

By Mike Suchanek

Although no official stats are kept for scrimmages, coaches have film and they analyze it after each game, practice or scrimmage.

What the coaches saw from the scrimmage against Pickering and Merryville most likely made them happy. DeQuincy scored back to back 80 yard touchdowns on their first two plays of the scrimmage. The Offense seemed to be clicking. The Defense seems to always be ahead of the Offense at the early stages of the season and the Defense did not disappoint. The Defense looked equally good for this early in the season.

Unofficial stats had Eathan Guidry gaining over 100 yards from scrimmage.

Next up for the Tigers is the SPOT jamboree in Sulphur. Then the week after starts the regular season.

Very important information concerning tickets for this week’s scrimmage in Sulphur. All tickets bought in DeQuincy after practice through Wednesday, will be kept 100% in DeQuincy.

So it’s very important to buy the tickets here as it helps our program retain 100% of the proceeds instead of having to be split 12 ways.