Thompson found alive

By Jerry Bell, Chief of Detectives

(EDITOR’S NOTE—At 10:12 a.m. on Tuesday, July 12, bloodhound Bo and his handler Tony Arnold from Rosepine alerted on the scent of Thompson. He was found approximately 75 yards west of a logging trail that was 1/2 mile from the discovered vehicle. DeQuincy Fire Chief Johnny Copeland found the man’s military cap then Bo picked up the scent Cpl. Jeromy Brady was the first to find Thompson who was severely dehydrated but alert. Thompson was taken out of the woods by 4-wheeler. He was transported by ambulance to a nearby hospital.

Bo and his handler are private citizens who help out law enforcement whenever called upon.

DeQuincy Police Chief Casey Whitehead would like to thank the Johnson family for allowing use of their home as a cooling area for Thompson.)

Timeline Leading Up To Discovery

Around 3:15 p.m. on Monday, July 11, DeQuincy Police Dept. received information that Eddie Charles “Charlie” Thompson’s vehicle had been located on a logging road, about a half mile west of the Oretta Cemetery.

Mayor Riley Smith, Chief Casey Whitehead, and Major Jerry Bell along with members of the DQPD went to the scene. There they met two teenagers who advised them the location of the vehicle down a real muddy logging path.

They proceeded to the scene and discovered the vehicle. Chief Whitehead called Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Office and requested a bloodhound. The blood hound arrived, and the search began. The dog hit on a scent, but it played out.

At the scene of the search was Beauregard Parish Sheriff’s Dept. and Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Dept. deputies, DQPD officers, Ward 6 Fire Chief Todd Parker, his firemen, and DeQuincy Fire Chief Johnny Copeland. Numerous citizens also assisted in the search.

Major Bell contacted Senator Mike Reese, who was able to get permission from the Governor’s office to have a State Police Helicopter on scene at 0700 on Tuesday, July 12. Due to nightfall coming, the search was called off until early morning Tuesday morning.

Several members of the LA State Police also arrived early at the DQPD to assist in the search. The search for Mr. Thompson resumed at 07:30.

Chief Whitehead would like to thank all the agencies for providing support in this search. Mayor Smith, on the ground during all the searches kept the family of Thompson updated and they were most appreciative.

Pastor Carlton Jackson, on the scene, during the search led a prayer asking that Thompson be found safe. This was a comfort to the men and women who were searching. The weather was extremely hot, and several citizens provided water for the deputies and men searching.

Major Jerry Bell, Public affairs kept the local media updated on the events unfolding.