Subjects arrested, charged with attempted armed robbery

By Jerry Bell, DQPD Chief of Detectives

At 10:20 a.m., on Tuesday, June 14, DeQuincy Dispatch received a call from 9-11 stating that a female reported that a man with a gun had attempted to rob her of her money. DeQuincy Police dispatched Chief Casey Whitehead and Major Jerry Bell to Yoakum St. to work the call.

Upon arrival at that location, a Green F150 Ford, License number Texas NJZ9053, backed out of the driveway at a high rate of speed all the way down to Frazier St., then proceeded at a very high rate of speed through DeQuincy and got on Hwy. 27 North towards Oretta.

While driving through DeQuincy, the green truck ran numerous stop signs, traveled in the wrong lane causing traffic to pull over and reached speed limits of over 110 miles per hour. When the vehicle got to Oretta, it traveled at a high rate of speed on numerous roads until it came to a stop on a logging road. Two subjects exited the vehicle and fled into the woods.

During the chase, Chief Whitehead and Major Bell witnessed the whole event. Behind them was Sgt. Annajo Haynes whose car camera captured the chase.

Chief Whitehead called the Beauregard Sheriff’s Office, who arrived with dog teams to trail the two individuals. The dogs became exhausted, and the chase was called off.

The victim, age 22, gave a written statement that she went outside her residence on Yoakum to get in her friend’s car to visit her boyfriend. A green F150 Ford truck blocked her friend’s car in. A subject that she knew to be Garrett Jenson, white male, DOB: 10/16/2001, got out of the green truck and demanded money from her. The victim stated that she told him no, multiple times, that he pulled out a pistol, chambered a round and stated that he needed money.

The victim stated that the other man with him, that she thought to be his brother, also pointed a pistol at her. She then told him that she would make a call to get the money but called 9-11. The police arrived and the chase began.

Garrett Jensen, who has a criminal history, is charged with Attempted Armed Robbery, Aggravated Flight in a Vehicle, Reckless operation of a Vehicle, Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, and Simple Cruelty to Animals.

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