Dave’s Diner grand opening set

By Evelyn White

Dave’s Diner is the old but remodeled favorite spot at 4346 LA 12 in Starks. Dave’s Diner will have its Grand Opening and Shelton Wayne Ashworth Appreciation Day” on Sunday, July 3.

David Wallace, diner owner, was raised in Starks by his grandparents, Myrtle Stanley Bass and Aaron “Bud” Bass. Wallace left Starks about the age of 15. He worked at numerous jobs until he became involved with the Fire Department and EMS in Fort Bend County, Texas. He then went into police work.

He retired from the Harris County Constable Precinct 4 in 2017 after 48 years of service. He is still a Reserve Officer. He is the son of the late Mable Bass Wallace and Ferman Wallace.

Throughout all these years, Wallace wanted to have a restaurant. He was familiar with the restaurant at the Silver Dollar because he knew Earl and Cathy Stark. He also had two sisters who worked there from the beginning, Kathy and Wanda. As time passed, his sister Connie went to work there.

He didn’t attend culinary school just wanted to have a restaurant. He hopes to bring back some of the original menu items in the future.

He is interested in serving the people of Starks and the surrounding areas but knows he will need people traveling through the area as well. He hopes that the construction workers and the other local work crews will come in and try his lunch menus.

The Grand Opening will be a day used to welcome people back to the restaurant and to honor veterans. Wallace said, “Our veterans are very important people and deserve to be recognized for what they did for our country.” He will recognize a special friend of his, Shelton Wayne Ashworth on this day along with all other veterans. Ashworth served in Vietnam and was injured a short time after being deployed.

The Grand Opening Special will be from 11 a.m. until closing time on Sunday, July 3. Working at the restaurant now are Kathy Howard, General Manager; Keitha Brady, Manager; and Rebecca Pevoto, Assistant Manager.

Several local residents are doing the waitressing at this time.