DeQuincy Masons present Honesty and Integrity Awards

By Major Jerry Bell, PM, DeQuincy Masonic Lodge # 279

On Tuesday, May 3, the DeQuincy Masonic Lodge #279 held its annual Honesty and Integrity awards ceremony at the local lodge.

Over 140 persons were in attendance. The event started at 6 p.m. with everyone treated to a wonderful meal. Then everyone assembled in the Lodge with the actual ceremony starting at 6:30 p.m.

The DeQuincy Master of Lodge 279, Joey Gilland, welcomed everyone and then introduced the 2021 Grand Master from the State of Louisiana, Terry Fowler, who gave a short talk to the students.

Grand Master Fowler spoke about what masons believe in and then explained about Honesty and Integrity. He explained that Honesty was when other people saw what you were doing but Integrity was what one does when he is alone. Grand Master Fowler spoke of the mentors in his life and explained how important they were. Further that this award that the students received would follow them through the rest of their lives and that it was an important event for them.

After the Grand Master spoke, around 40 students from the various communities, to include Starks, Singer, South Beauregard, and DeQuincy were called up to receive their plaques. Doug DeViney, DeQuincy News, took numerous photos of all the students receiving their awards. The students’ parents and friends were also allowed the opportunity to take photos. After all the students received their awards, a group photo was taken with various Lodge Officers.

Master Joey Gilland thanked all the Lodge officers for working hard to make this happen and singled out Senior Warden Tom Threet for his role in making this year’s award ceremony very successful. Master Gilland thanked everyone for attending the event.

After the event was over, Master Gilland called the Dequincy Lodge back into session and business was conducted. Peace and harmony prevailed throughout the whole ceremony.