Thermoplastics Services, Inc. purchased

PSC Group (“PSC”), a North American leader in product handling, site logistics, railcar repair and sustainability services for the petrochemical, refining and marine industries, announced Thursday, Mar. 24, that it has acquired Thermoplastics Services, Inc. (“TSI”).

“Over the last 70 years, PSC has expanded its service offerings in response to the evolving needs of our customers. In the last 12 months, PSC has made strategic investments in human capital, equipment and M&A to establish a leading plastic resin sustainability offering. Today’s leading petrochemical producers are increasingly committed to environmental stewardship and sustainability, and the acquisition of TSI provides the capabilities and scale needed to further establish PSC as the comprehensive sustainability solutions provider across the industry,” said Joel Dickerson, CEO of PSC Group. “The TSI acquisition reinforces PSC’s focus on providing ESG solutions to our customers and supporting our customers’ Operation Clean Sweep® (“OCS”) initiatives while reprocessing and repurposing scrap plastic into products used every day.”

“This partnership will provide broader access to PSC’s blue chip customer base and rapidly expand our industry-leading sustainability solutions,” said Ashley Wade, President of TSI. “We look forward to bringing our specialized technology to PSC’s existing high-quality service offerings and supporting our customers’ goals of an increasingly circular economy across the plastics industry.”

As a “blue level” member of the Plastics Industry Association’s Operation Clean Sweep® (“OCS”) program, PSC offers comprehensive sustainability services to help customers with Clean Sweep compliance and post-production recycling.

This acquisition marks PSC’s second sustainability acquisition following the December 2021 acquisition of Akrotex Extrusion and Recycling (“Akrotex”). Akrotex is a plastic custom compounding and pelletizing business based in Orange, Texas.

About TSI

Thermoplastics Services, Inc. is a plastic custom compounding and pelletizing business based in DeQuincy. TSI reprocesses scrap resins into custom compounds that are sold to domestic and international customers for industrial, commercial, and municipal applications.