Stains receives Distinguished Lifesaving Certificate

On Nov. 24, 2021, at approximately 2019 hours (8:19 p.m.), DeQuincy Police Officer Dalten Stains, while off duty at his residence, heard a loud crash. When Officer Stains went outside to investigate, he observed a white vehicle on its right passenger side in between two trees. The vehicle was on fire and there was a single occupant, a young female trapped in the vehicle.

Officer Stains, without any regards to his own safety, went to the vehicle while it was on fire and helped free the trapped occupant. If Officer Stains had not been home or had not gone to investigate, or just stood by, the occupant would have perished.

Officer Stains actions that night reflects greatly upon himself, the DeQuincy Police Department, and the City of DeQuincy.

On Monday, Mar. 3, Chief Casey Whitehead and Captain Doug Phillips presented Officer Dalton Stains a Distinguished Lifesaving Certificate, for his quick action to save a life without regard for his own.

Officer Stains stated that he was glad that he was there, and it is a good feeling to save a life.