Trash service topic of Monday’s council Meeting

By Evalin Hester

A Special Called Meeting to address trash service was held Monday, July 19, at DeQuincy City Hall.

The meeting was called to order by Mark Peloquin. Other city officials in attendance were Mayor Riley Smith, City Planner Mary Jo Bayles and Councilwoman Judy Landry.

Beverly Gilchrist, Public Sector Representative and Tonia Gardner, Route Manager for Waste Management were present to answer all questions and concerns pertaining to garage pick up.

Gilchrist spoke about the service our city was receiving from Waste Management. She explained that she knew there was room for improvement. Since the contract started in October, 2019, our area has gone through two rough years and we are still struggling.

Waste Management isn’t any different than other companies. They have been hit hard also. They are working short handed. They are used to having extra drivers and employees but at the present they have no extras to step up if one of the drivers or employees get sick or need a day off. In 2019, our country was short at least 50,000 CDL Drivers and now in 2021 the country is about 100,000 CDL Drivers short.

Waste Management held a Job Fair and received 50 applications and they now have four new drivers and a couple more new workers. They will go through the proper training before starting on a route. This will reinforce our team. Gilchrist said there is always room for improvement and they are working on improvements.

The following is a list of items that can and cannot be picked up and the guide lines:

Bulk items such as chairs, couches, furniture and white goods will be picked up weekly on the same day as your garbage cart, and limited to two cubic yards per pickup weekly. Yard waste shall not exceed six feet in length and four inches in diameter, and 35 pounds or less per bundle or pile.

Waste Management will not collect solid or liquid hazardous waste. Examples include: paint, pesticides, petroleum derivatives (such as motor oil and solvents) explosive items, dead animals, offal waste, and tires.

If you have an item at your curb and it has not been picked up you can tag it and the driver will retrieve it and a work order will be made to pick it up.

Place your cart at the curb the night before your service day or by 6 a.m. the morning of your service.

If you are having any type of issues with your garbage pick up, you may call DeQuincy City Hall at 337-786-8241 or the Waste Management Call Center at 337-436-7229. Give your name, address and telephone number when you call a work order will be generated.

City Planner Mary Jo Bayles has scheduled a Trash Bash for Saturday, Aug. 14, at City Hall from 7:30 a.m. until noon. A discussion of items that you can bring: paint (needs to be dried in can), tires, car batteries, electronics, fluorescent bulbs. Bring your trash from outside and inside city limits.

Although there were only five people in attendance, they shared their concerns and the type of service they have been receiving, questions on what they should and should not do.

Mayor Smith, thanked Gilchrist and Gardner for coming out to inform the citizens. He would have like to see more citizens come out since so many complaints had been called in. The meeting was very good and informative.