Crew doing everything possible

By Jerry Bell

Mayor Riley Smith and Street Supervisor Eddy Dahlquist want the public to know that our city crews and inmate crews are doing everything possible to keep up with the ditch cleaning and the mowing of grass.

Mayor Smith stated that “we will eventually catch up with the grass mowing; the problem is that there is so much rain that the crews cannot keep up with the weed-whacking. Mayor Smith also stated that eventually all will be caught up. The city is down to four inmates to do all the grass.

Dahlquist stated that there is so much water in the ditches that they are very difficult to dig out. Apparently, we are in a rainy season so when it stops, the city crews will probably be able to catch up.

Mayor Smith thanks the public for its patience and understanding. Most cities in the parish are experiencing the same difficulty with the grass mowing.