Garden Club meets for first time in year

The DeQuincy Garden Club met on Monday, Mar. 1, at El Tucan in DeQuincy for an informal meeting and dinner.

Members had not seen each other since the beginning of the Covid pandemic. The conversation was a blend of sharing tales of the pandemic, of hurricanes, and of the ice storm. Homes and families of each member had been touched in some way by all three. Much like the plants that Garden Club members nurse, their was a rally of resilience at the table accompanied by an underlying sense of humor and focus on the positive.

The storms’ destruction of the downtown buildings that had housed murals sponsored by the club were discussed. Alma Brown shared how she would often look at a picture in the railroad museum and try to imagine the destination of the lady depicted as she waited. Nell Landry told how many had told her ideas of who the lady might be and where she might be going. The ladies reminisced about the inspiration of the Lady mural that is now the focal point of a short story contest sponsored by the DeQuincy News and the Garden Club.

Looking forward…Spring landscapes and how to restore order to yards was a topic that all were interested in. Loss of trees and shade loss, fruit trees and whether they would survive, care for injured azaleas, and removal of debris and the rebuilding of beds were all discussed. Lannie Thorn, master gardener, focused on the dahlia and told that it would be a welcome addition to any garden.

The members enjoyed their first meeting in over a year. Food and fellowship was enjoyed by those who attended: Alma Brown, Teresa Franks, Edie Johnson, Nelle Landry, Verna Pickering, Gyneth Simmons, and Lannie Thorn.

The next meeting is scheduled for Apr. 1.